Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Movie Intervention

Yellow!! how's ur Sunday people? i hope it great. Last Sunday i watched 'Parker' with my boyfriend and his sister, it's a great movie lot of action, of course blood. But i love Jason Statham more in 'Transporter' than in his new movie (although he's great on both). It's also starring Jennifer Lopez, and she's so adorable. She's the best for both worlds, either in singing or acting, because just few artist who can be best for both. If they good in acting, then usually they're suck in singing LOL :p 

But here's my intervention. 
(because it happens in my town, so i'm going to mix in Bahasa ).

Banyak orangtua yang membawa anaknya nonton film 15+, padahal the kids still toddler (under5). I don't know how to be a parent, yet. but this is definitely  the things i really concern as a youngster. Yang gw maksud, koq bisa  sih si orang tua bawa anaknya untuk nonton yang isinya bunuh-bunuhan, yang darahnya ada dimana mana, even ada adegan vulgar misalnya, yang kadang gw aja tutup mata (agak ngintip sih d sela-sela jari, lol) . 

Entah karena mereka ga mau titipin si anak dengan orang lain, jadi dibawa, or mereka pikir anak kecil belum ngerti filmnya, so mereka ga terlalu pikirin efek terhadap anaknya. 
Sometimes people not to care or less care of this situation yah, tapi coba deh pikir, 

First: dengan adanya anak kecil dalem bioskop itu menggangu orang lain, anak kecil di suguhin kartun aja bias bosen, apalagi di suruh nonton film orang dewasa yang durasinya lama, they boring-cranky- and start making noises, which is mengganggu. 

Second: This is not educating ur children at all. Totally not recommended for you, to bring your children watching rated 15+ movie. apalagi nontonnya Midnight. 

I'm not judging other people how to parenting or educating their children , this is only my opinion. :p

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