Monday, April 15, 2013

Coming Soon Project

Hi Hi... How's your week..? I hope everything's great..!!

First thing first.... It begin like 2 weeks ago, my friend (Aike) told me that she has a project with her partners. Clothing business, so she need a makeup artist to do the makeup on the photoshoot on 13 & 14 April, so she call me to arrange everything before the day. 

So, last Saturday Aike pick me up around 5.00 AM, what?! yeaaa it's like crazzzyyyy. I have this morning sick which i always sick waking up in the morning.! hhahahha lol. So i'm dragging my ass to wake up and waiting her to pick me up. It takes about an hour to reach the studio. The studio is located at Kebon Jeruk. As soon as i arrive, i start working. 
On first day they want me to do a nude makeup, like a pale face-nude lips.

They have 2 models to work-out the clothes, this is Cara. 

Day 1

before and after (with flash)

And, this is Katarina, she's Russian.

On the second day, Anna ask me to do  rock n roll style..

Day 2

This is behind the scene..

the timeline

this is Anna, one of the owner of this project

Kat and Cara

it's a wraaapppp everybody..!! this is the team. it's really blurry picture. (i'm sorry) hahha.

Left-Right : Stephanie (Cara's sister), the photographer (blue shirt), Ebi and Aike (Love bird), Me, Anna, Cara, Supreme (behind Cara, he's from Nepal), Mingma (beside Cara, from Nepal also), and the stripe is Javier (from Spain).

Thank You guys.. and youuuu people, just sit and wait for the cool online shop. It's coming soon...!

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