Monday, May 27, 2013

Cover Up for Dummies - Dermablend

HI everyone, today I'm gonna post about how to cover up your tattoo.If i work at some place that can't tolerate an employee with tattoo, what i'm supposed to do? that's why i did the cover up :p . It's not the smoothest cover-up actually, but i hope you enjoy it. coz it works on me :) 

the products you need :

1. Dermablend Leg and Body Cover : i use in 'Light' . This is a good product actually and it created for cover up your tattoo or a scar. So, this is the important foundation if you wanna do some cover up and also it has SPF 15 sunscreeen. Must have! ;p
2. The Body Shop Crayon Concealer in 04
3. M.a.c Cream Concealer in NW25
4. Make Over Blush in Brown Strada 05
5. M.a.c Studio Fix Compact Powder in NC25
6. Real Techniques Brush : actually this is deluxe crease brush, but i use it for applying concealer. any brush would do :)

Step 1:

Apply Dermablend foundation on your tattoo using a brush. I prefer to dab it  than apply it round-motion. 

Step 2:
Apply The Body Shop crayon concealer on your tattoo, just on your tattoo . No need to apply it in the whole area like step 1. 

Step 3:
Actually you don't  need to apply a lot of concealer, but in my case i really need a lot of them because the outline of my tattoo is thick. I use M.a.c studio fix cream concealer in NW25 , and dab it using a brush.

Step 4:
Apply a brown blush from Make Over. If you think you don't need it, then you can ignore this step. I just want to make it more natural so i dab a thin layer of brown blush.

Step 5
Dab a compact powder (M.A.C Studio Fix) using a powder puff. Put it as much as you need, it prevent the 'cream' layer  to attach in your bag or your clothes. 

Step 6:
Splash some water to cover-up area, it help to ease the excessive foundation and powder. Because all the products are waterproof you don't need to worry the cover up will fade. The water will make your layer more natural and fused.

Step 7 :
After you splash some water,  dab a tissue on it, and brush a little of powder. And finish , you ready to go :)

this the final look..

7 steps  too much? just remember , you just need Dermablend foundation -concealer-powder, just that ! i hope the pictures doesn't distract you for keeping it simple ;p 

And after your business is done, you can remove it just using your makeup remover...  simple right? ;p

Hope you enjoy it Fox.. ;)

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