Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miss Polash

What is Miss Polash ? 

Miss Polash is a fresh false lashes brand, own by a young stylish girl name Melisa Morgan. Pasti pembaca blog tau deh Melisa Morgan , nama bekennya Melmor , gak tau juga? nih langsung mampir ke TKP deh . She asked me ' mau coba gak Na?' and coincidentally I am so curious about this lashes! so i said 'Yes, of course.' 

So, si melmor pun bilang akan di kirim. Sebenernya produknya itu sudah sampai dari 2 minggu lalu, tapi apa daya schedule nya padat banget, jadi baru bisa sekarang. harap di maklumi yah! *harus maklum*

when the package arrived i already in love with this simple wrapping! Dan suka sayang gak mau buka karena suka banget sama yang namanya barang di bungkus, di package rapih gitu.

ayo di bukah~~~

I love the cutie girly packaging. So detail and lovely.

I got Hazel, Elsa , and Melody

How To Apply and Remove ?

And one thing i love the most! di bagian belakang packaging nya ada ' How to apply ' and 'how to remove' instructions. Little information give you a wide knowledge right?? 

Let's try this gorgeous one by one..


one word for this type : Natural. Gua pake Hazel for a day time wedding party. Cocok banget! natural shape and very light. 

very very natural right? 


If you love the sexy flirty lashes, Melody is a perfect type for you!

Last but not least..


Dramatic, bold and elegant are the best words to describe this fantastic lashes.

 how do i look? 

The Verdict : 

+ 100 % handcrafted human hair , so soft , flexible and light.
+ It fit my eyes perfectly! i don't need to adjust and trim the edge.
+ Can be used to 3-5 times, even more! depending on the usage.
+ Affordable price! IDR25000 for single eyelashes and IDR35000 for double lashes (Giselle, Elsa ,and Alice)
+ Friendly owner :) 

You can choose the lashes that suit your style 

What are you waiting for?! Go grab yours!

E-mail : misspolash@yahoo.com
WA/SMS :08562024594
Open : 9am-8pm
shipping: MON-FRI 

p.s: thanks to  Roy who helped me to shot this product. xoxo.


  1. Thank you banget Edna for reviewing Polash products ! Review nya detail banget and thanks again for your compliment about Polash 💖😊

    1. sama-sama Melmor! sukses buat MissPolash!

  2. mana nih na yang anti hujan badai?
    kalo perlu yang anti gempa dan tsunami
    syahrini mah lewattttt...

    1. Semua anti badai anti marabahaya dan anti bencana alam!
      beli yah Rija buat ciwiknyaa~